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What’s in a Name…

Nope! We don’t have anything to do with Bees or Beehives, but we value their importance in making the world go round! So here is a link if you would like to learn more or donate to the Honey Bee conservation group.

Now… back to us

Hello, our name is My Little Bee Hive.

How important is a name? When we meet someone new, it’s generally the first thing we learn about them. When babies are born, parents invest a lot of meaning into their babies name, a strong name, a fun name, a family name.

A beehive serves several purposes, to produce honey, as housing, to pollinate and grow the colony. Small businesses also need a hive to assist them to run their businesses effectively.

My Little Bee Hive is for small businesses who would like an affordable, simple yet creative website that is hand crafted for their business.

So welcome to My Little Bee Hive, we look forward to working with you.

Click the link if your curious about the services in the Bee Hive

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Hello from the Queen Bee…

Hey There! My name is Mikail and I’m usually based in Melbourne, Australia but currently doing volunteer work in the Marche/Abruzzo region of Italy.

I’m passionate about many things including horses, photography, travel, wine, cheese, coffee, chocolate and usually all of those things at the same time!

In my life, I like to keep things simple, fun, creative, flexible and always open to learning!

I have created My Little Bee Hive as a space where creativity, simplicity and love can shine into websites for small businesses whilst being affordable.

I hope you enjoy My Little Bee Hive as much as I do and you leave with a smile on your face!

Ciao xx